Digital Signage Solutions

Based on our own experience, we are qualified to share with you that there are several components needed to successfully deploy and manage a digital signage market-based network.  High-D offers complete solutions including, software, hardware, screen technology,  hosting, content design, digital ad graphic design, network installation, network management and touchscreen technology to allow you to launch a DOOH (Digital Out Of Home) or Location-Based advertising network.

Whether its Ad-Sales Based networks, In-House Private Networks, Retail Chain Networks,  Wayfinding and Interactive Solutions or Restaurant Menu Boards, it is our goal to deliver quality service and solutions to those wishing to become part of the fastest growing way of engaging and reaching potential customers with Dynamic Digital Signage.

High-D is also looking for people and companies who may be interested in become part of our matrix of digital signage partners throughout the United States.


Just a few Benefits of Digital Signage:

Grabs a customer's attention and influences their purchasing decision right at the point of purchase.

Eliminates the high cost of creating and distributing print ad campaigns.

Offers the ability to frequently change promotions immediately for various products or particular customers.

Earn revenue with their digital signage network by selling advertising space to local  and national companies and their suppliers.